Traditional innovation is a slow process leading step by step to new products or processes that usually have only a small impact in the market. Holland Innovations, however, is specialized in those innovations that make a radical change. We don’t go for yet another new product, but rather for a completely new product category that is changing the market game. We improve the efficiency of existing production processes by not just a few percent, but we prefer creating a whole new process for new premium products. The investment may be higher (not always!) but the return of investment for our customers is that they can make a real change in their line of business. Don’t fight over a few cents with your buyers but escape the effects of the economic crisis and create a strong advantage over your traditional competitors. Holland Innovations S.L. is specialized in food and food technology and acts as a commercial agent and partner for a number of truly innovative companies in Holland, all located near the Dutch Food Valley area of Wageningen. We offer our Spanish and Portuguese clients new products, process technologies, equipment and innovation services.


Our technologies:


Our products:

  • Fresh fruitjuices, smoothies, purees and soups; Pascalized (HPP) or with PurePulse (PEF2.0)
  • Plenti®, the revolutionary new alternative for meat and fish
  • Essentials® 100% pure and natural algae